Colour-changing fabric has been created. We can now all die happy!

Material studio The Unseen has created something that we never knew we needed but it looks incredible – colour-changing fabric, so basically a mood ring in clothing form!

This material, created by The Unseen and artist Lauren Bowker, works through an ink in the fabric that reacts with fluctuations in the air pressure to change colour. The ink was debuted at London Fashion Week 2014, in a capsule collection for Swarovski entitled Air.

Air’s nano compounds, inks, and dyes are capable of sensing heat, UV, pollution, moisture, chemicals, friction, and sound, so when any of these change, so will the colours, with each element having a different colour-altering effect. For example, pollution can change the fabric from yellow to black and back again.

We’re not sure whether we’d wear these fabrics, but, then again, we did used to love mood rings back in the day, so maybe mood clothing will catch on.

Hayley Minn