The best Pinterest boards for running tips, gear & motivation #RunningWeek

The hardest part of running is taking the first step. We all know that exercise endorphins are there to make us feel great, and if you’re already a runner you’ll also know that even a short jog can vastly improve your day. But goodness me, isn’t that comfy duvet appealing in the morning, and aren’t you so tired after work that all you can do is cuddle up to Netflix with a bowl of mashed potato?

There are a million very reasonable excuses to not go running, so we’re going to need all the help we can get to remember that post-workout buzz. Thankfully Pinterest is full of encouragement. Think of it like a kindly nagging best friend who just wants the best for you – all you have to do is listen, get inspired and take action!

Image via Runner's World

Image via Runner’s World.

Best all rounders

  • Runner’s World has 23 different boards covering all aspects of running from motivation to gear to recipes to cross training ideas, pinned from their excellent website. You could spend all day sifting through the informative posts but the My Runner’s Body board is the best motivation to actually get out there and do it, featuring normal people photographed beautifully and interviewed on why running is important to them.
  • Women’s Running is less comprehensive but just as motivational, highlighting people to look up to, tasty recipes for runners and eye candy scenery to go running in.


 Image via Lulemon.

Best for clothes

  • The Nike Women boards show off clothes and trainers, naturally, with the Run Farther board also including training plans. Space is given to inspirational female athletes including sprinter Allyson Felix, surfer Lakey Peterson and tennis player Serena Williams, who all do an excellent job of standing around looking buff and accomplished but also demo exercise drills in some handy infographics.
  • Lulemon make really beautiful exercise clothes and showcase these alongside links to tasty protein snack recipes and informative blog posts. Their scuba hoodie is pricey but very tempting.

6930a6ed01fb7a939e5af46272e4b409Image via Sara Ghedina.

Best for motivational quotes

f5908d89b513ee38bca8fe60b5870505Image via Runner’s World.

Best for technique

  • Manoj Bhatty has collected a really useful bunch of videos and graphics showing good form running techniques.
  • Rosalyn Clark highlights tips for staying pain free while running and making the most of your workout.
  • Christine Koh focuses on colourful instructional infographics with training plans, yoga poses and healthy snack recipes. Wonder Woman running socks!
  • The people behind the Run Or Dye 5K event show off clever infographics, running plans and helpful tips.
  • Lauren Alysse shares gadgets, snacks, tech and injury prevention. Recent posts include “12 essential moves for runners”, IT band stretches and remedies for stiff hips.

Do you have a favourite Pinterest board for running? Let us know in the comments!

Main image via Lulemon.

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