Avon has created a #NoFilter lipstick, for the perfect selfie pout

Like so many other brands these days, Avon Cosmetics is hoping to capitalise on our need to take perfect selfies constantly, with a new #NoFilter lipstick.

Named the Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick, it’s Avon’s highest concentrated lipstick yet, formulated with Avon’s exclusive Pigment Loading Technology, claiming to give the wearer ‘highly pigmented bullet’ and a lipstick that ‘explodes with bold, bright colour’. So, surely just a bold lipstick rather than a lipstick specifically for selfies?

Lisa Lamberty, director of new product innovation at Avon Research and Development said: ‘We created Ultra Colour Bold lipstick because we know women want deep bold colour to accentuate their lips and make them look their best in photos.’

Lisa and the team behind the new lipstick discovered that no matter how vivid and bold the colour, lipsticks are generally obscured in pictures by an opaque base, and identified that in order to create ‘true’ colour, which best harnesses the pigment’s potential, it was necessary to develop an entirely new base – one which is translucent. Thus, the #NoFilter lipstick was born.

While there’s no denying these lipsticks are bright and bold, with great colours, the whole #NoFilter thing seems like a bit of a gimmick. Surely all bold lipsticks are good for a selfie? Anyhow, if you want to try out the Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick for yourself, you can get it from Avon for £7.50.

Hayley Minn