Apple iPhone 5C vs HTC One mini 2 quiz description

A word or two about the quiz.

Here we pitch the HTC One mini 2 against the Apple iPhone 5S. The winner is totally down to you.

The HTC Mini 2 has a larger screen than the iPhone 5C (4.5-inch vs 4-inch)


The HTC Mini 2 has a higher resolution camera than the iPhone 5C (13MP vs 8MP). Both have features like auto focus and LED flash.


The HTC Mini 2 has 16GB of internal storage, but can be expanded with a microSD card up to 128GB. The largest 5C has 32GB of internal storage, and cannot be expanded.


The 5C is slightly thinner than the HTC One Mini 2 (9mm vs 10.6mm)


Apple products all get updated at the same time, whereas Android not released by Google usually have to wait longer for the manufacturer to customise the update for its handsets.


The Mini 2 has a far superior front facing camera than the 5C (5MP vs 1.2MP), and is capable of filming in 1080p


Android phones like the One Mini 2 allow you to upload custom soundbites and set them as your ringtone. Other that the one preloaded on the phone, any new ringtones for the iPhone have to be purchased from the iTunes store.


Apple products like the 5C can be taken to the Apple store for problems to be diagnosed and fixed, many other manufacturers, like HTC, require the phone to be sent back to them.


The One Mini 2 is only available in grey, silver or gold metal. The 5C is available in white, blue, green, yellow, and pink plastic