7 ways to bring hotel luxury into your home: stylish sound, pampering and spotless surfaces – part two

5. Set up some stylish sound


Music is a must, and it’s easy to find a stereo with a bit of class these days. The Ruark R4i combines beautiful design with surprisingly rich sound for an all-in-one unit, boasting an iPod dock, DAB radio, CD player, USB port and an audio inputs for attaching your laptop or record player. It’s a serious investment, but one to treasure for many years to come.

On the cheaper end of the scale, the Pioneer X-SMC55DAB-S supports its sleekness with a host of features – alongside the CD player and DAB radio, the built in wireless system means you can easily play music from various devices and the USB port links up mobile devices and memory sticks.

shower_gel_shampoo_conditioner_organic_h_400ml6. Treat yourself with toiletries

There’s something very appealing about those cute little bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, but they’re horrible for the environment. You can still pick out some luxurious lotions for your home though – H2K of Harrogate offer a selection of sophisticated products for face, body and hair supplied in recycled bottles – you can even return your empties to them.

7. Keep it clean!


This is the most mundane tip but the most important – remember your hotel room has the biggest wow factor before you spill the contents of your suitcase all over it. Decluttering is key, especially in the bathroom, as is giving surfaces a regular wipe and floors a quick hoover. Use mason jars to attractively store cotton buds, bath salts and hair clips, light some candles and kick back in your relaxing new space.

Image courtesy of Sofitel So Bangkok.

Laura Kidd