7 Android apps for taking notes: Evernote, Notepad & Papyrus – part two

unnamed5. OneNote

A professional looking digital notebook with some handy extras, OneNote allows standard text entry plus audio and video notes plus To Do lists with check boxes. The home screen widgets save all that fumbling around to open the app before your idea flies away, and you can sync your information across multiple devices.

The search function is especially handy – if you’re committing to storing all your notes, ideas and lists in one app it’s essential.

Available free from the Play Store.

unnamed-56. Somnote

More of a journal app than a digital notebook, Somnote earns its place on this list for its cheerful attitude, good looks and security features. If you’re someone who gets fired up by visuals, why stick to a boring text notebook app when you can change fonts around, attach images and even add a password lock so no-one can steal your ideas?

Available free from the Play Store.


7. Google Keep

Accessible from your mobile device and via the web, if you have a Google account you already have access to Google Keep. Create text notes and lists, record voice memos and attach photos, all of which are displayed in a pleasant Tumblr-style block format for you to access later vis the search bar or just by scrolling down the page.

The most exciting feature is the automatic transcriber, which we found to be generally good but easily confused by faster speech, loud surroundings or strange words. Thankfully it’s easy enough to edit the text afterwards and it does save a bit of effort.

Available free from the Play Store.

Image by Ceressa Bateman.

Laura Kidd

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