You can rent a bike wherever you go with Spinlister

Bicycles can be rented in thousands of cities across the world from someone just like you, as a result of peer-to-peer sharing website Spinlister.

With a similar vibe to popular short-term lodger site Airbnb, Spinlister also allows you to rent surfboards, skis and snowboarding equipment from regular folk in over 100 different countries. The web design is intuitive, simple to navigate and encourages an open policy where people can get to know each other, thereby hopefully forming trusting relationships which will keep people using the service.

Users decide on their own rates for the rentals, and Spinlister then takes a 30% cut split between the renter (12.5%) and the lister (17.5%). Each bike is the renter’s full responsibility while in their possession, but every bike listed is also insured up to £2,980 against theft or damage.

There’s an app version of Spinlister which you can download free via the website. It features a handy chat feature, which makes communication between potential renters and listers easier when arranging pick-up times, negotiating price and resolving any questions.

With good summer weather (by the UK’s standards) seemingly here to stay, cycling is hot on the agenda for many of us. Both in- and outgoing tourists are bound to leap on this service – it’s potentially a lot cheaper than renting from established businesses!

Image via Tony Alter at Flickrcc


Sadie Hale

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