Yale launches keyless locks for your connected home

Our homes are vastly becoming very connected, in the last few years we have seen an influx of new and connected devices making the way into our homes, we can control the temperature with our smartphones using ‘Nest’, we can control the lighting and even change the colour of the bulb with ‘Phillips Hue’, its pretty amazing what we can do and its only getting better.

With connected homes being a thing now, its no surprise we are now seeing a keyless lock for our front door. The B1L and T1L from Yale offer a touchscreen or keypad entry to your home to give it a taste of something straight out of ‘Back to the future’. 

Jason Williams from Yale says:

“Since our introduction last year of the industry’s first key free products we’ve seen strong consumer demand for these locks. Consumers recognise recognise recognise enhanced security that comes with the absence of a cylinder, and because of that strong acceptance we’ve expanded our line with these new, sleeker cylinder-less models priced to appeal to an even broader market.”

The lock itself will be connected to your wifi network, thus alerting you to wether the battery is running low and giving you time to replace. The keypad lock is on sale now with the reported touchscreen model coming in August.

Image: MobilityBeat


Craig Fox