UK tech far more expensive than US tech

Its probably no surprise to anyone that’s visited the USA that in the UK we pay much higher prices on a great many things. In a recent consumer analysis group it was found that for 13 products, ranging from computer consoles to TVs,we pay hundreds of pounds extra.

The consumer groups data was shockingly bad for us in the UK:

    • A Samsung television was £402 more expensive in the UK
    • Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch laptop cost £194 more here than in the US.
    • Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 were both £57 more expensive here.
    • 12-month subscription to the imaging software Adobe Creative Cloud costs £114 more here than in the US.
    • Microsoft Office Professional digital software cost £236 in the US compared to £325 in the UK, a price difference of £89.

According to The Huffington Post the Watchdog responsible for the analysis has called for the ‘government to raise the current threshold for import duty on goods bought online to the same level as that placed on goods brought back from abroad to allow shoppers to take advantage of cheaper items on sale in the US’.

Image: Which?


Craig Fox