This may be the ‘Coolest’ summer gadget we’ve ever seen!

We think we may have found the ultimate summer accessory. ‘Coolest’ is a cooler that charges your phone, and acts as a Bluetooth speaker, among many other things.

Having smashed its $50,000 goal in its first day, with $1.7 million pledged so far only on its second day on Kickstarter, the Coolest has an 18 volt battery built-in and a blender unit that can grind up cocktails in a second.

The 18 volt battery is what can charge your phone and powers a light in the lid to help you find drinks at night. The Bluetooth speaker is removable and slips into the front of the cooler, where you’ll also find a bottle opener!

The cooler gets even better, with how transportable it is. The wheels are extra wide to avoid falling when taken across bumpy fields, and it also has built-in cable ties and a pull-up carry handle like on a suitcase, allowing you to load it with stuff and wheel it along. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also special storage places for cutlery and plates and it even has a built-in cooler divider that doubles as a cutting board.

The early bird special price of $165 is gone, but anyone can now get their hands on one of these for $185 on Kickstarter, although us Brits will have to shell out an extra $100 for shipping, which works out around £166. We’re definitely considering buying it, even at that price.

Hayley Minn