Is this the greatest family ever or an elaborate HTC One ad?

We really feel for this guy, but also want to be in his family. He was just trying to take the perfect selfie with his new phone, like anyone else would, and is now the laughing stock of his entire family.

Having spotted the picture (the big one in the middle), his dad and older brothers immediately stole his shirt and beanie to recreate his pose, and then posted it on Reddit, where it blew up (as everything does on Reddit).

It didn’t stop with the men of the family though. His sisters and mum all got in on the action, taking the mick out of their baby brother, Marvel superheroes vest and all.

While we can all agree that these pictures would make the ultimate family Christmas card, there are some cynical people who believe this might be an elaborate HTC One ad, seeing as they’re all using that phone in the pictures. We can’t help but think it might be, but we really want to believe that there is a family as fun as this living in the world somewhere, and we have to admit they all look pretty alike. What do you think?

Hayley Minn