The GoGlove will let you control your phone with your fingertips

You know what it’s like: you’re skiing, or riding your bike, or going for a run, and you reach the summit, your adrenaline’s flowing, you’re about to start your descent, and you need the exact right life-defining piece of music to inspire you… Then your shuffle serves up that one bongo-based meditation track you downloaded out of curiosity five years ago and forgot to delete.

Well, the makers of the Go Glove don’t want active people to get stuck listening to the wrong thing (or worse, not be able to operate their music at all) while they’re living their best lives. So they invented a Bluetooth-enabled glove that lets you play, fast-forward, skip back, control the volume and even activate Siri with just the tips of your fingers and thumb.

The GoGlove is a thin glove liner with built-in sensors that you can wear on its own or underneath another glove, and its makers say the battery will last for 6 months of daily use. They’re raising $50,000 via Kickstarter to bring their invention to market and so far have $3,104 and 29 days to go. If you want to donate, a $69 pledge (plus $15 for postage) will let you get your hands on one one on your hand this December, so you could be skiing with the perfect soundtrack by New Year’s.

They’ll be releasing their API in March so developers can design new and ever more sophisticated uses – perhaps linking it up with location apps, fitness tracking, or messaging services – and if they raise more cash, they plan to create an app so users can make the gloves customisable by personalising the finger controls. If they raise over $100,000 they’ll make a wristband that might work better for more summery sports, but will also sync with the glove.

Diane Shipley