The brilliant camping stove that boils water and charges your phone at the same time

The days of flat phone batteries on camping trips are over, thanks to the BioLite CampStove. Not only does it boil water like a regular camping stove, but it simultaneously enables you to charge any USB-compatible phone.

The nifty little device is any minimalist camper’s dream: it’s conveniently small, self-contained and simple to use. It comes with a double-ended USB cable and firelighters – all you have to do is place twigs into its canister then start and maintain a small fire within it. This is all demonstrated in this video.

The CampStove also does away with any need for hefty fuel canisters since it burns 100% natural sources – ideally, dry twigs – and weighs only two pounds (just less than a kilogram). It’s efficient, and can heat one litre of water in 4.5 minutes and give you 60 minutes of iPhone talk time if you charge it for just 20 minutes. That’s pretty good going!

The only limitation is that the CampStove will set you back at least £139.99, but its usefulness to any camping enthusiast surely makes it worth the price tag.

Sadie Hale