Say goodbye to touch pads and mouses, with Myo

Wearables are becoming a daily part of peoples lives slowly but surely, from smart-watches, health monitors to Google Glass, and most all tend to be doing the same thing, from quick access to your notifications to reading your heart rate.

Now, there is a new boy on the scene, called the Myo, brought to us by ThalmicLabs. The Myo itself is like nothing we have seen before, it doesn’t use the normal camera or sensory stuff the Android wear uses, it’s all down to using the electrical activity in our muscles as we move our fingers. It also senses the motions and rotations of the hand to wirelessly connect with bluetooth to pretty much any device.

The Myo is a one size fits all, and will stretch to fit any arm, unless of course you are Arnie. It has already amassed a great following and developers are coming up with some amazing things to do with the Myo. This video pairs the Oculus Rift and Myo together to become a virtual reality gamer’s dream. They have a development kit out there already, so we’re expecting it to launch with some already cool apps for whatever devices you own.

The Myo is currently only pre-order but shipping is expected in September. Will you be picking one up?




Craig Fox