Samsung Class 4K TV has a price tag of $120,000

Back in January Samsung showed us a 105 inch curved UHD 4K TV at CES in Las Vegas, and it left a lot of people with a lot of envy. It was expectant there wold be a high price tag on the TV but none of us thought $120,000 (about £70,000), did we?

Pick your jaw up off the floor and realise Samsung’s 105 inch beast is probably 3 peoples yearly wage and could buy 7 families a very nice car, thats incredible to think.

This TV is no joke and the specs are unbelievable; it boasts a 5120 x 2160 screen resolution along with a 0.3-inch bezel.

If you have the money to pre-order this then I hope you don’t have a Wii remote.

Image: Samsung

Craig Fox