Rocket power skates and gum-shield wearables? Sign us up!

At a recent Wearables conference in San Francisco we were shown a glimpse into an array of new wearables coming in 2014 and beyond.

We haven’t heard much of the wearable scene hitting sport, but that’s something i1 Biometrics want to change with the Vector Gum-shield. The gum-shield itself is aimed at Lacrosse, Ice-Hockey and American Football players, and contains an accelerometer, gyroscope and a micro-processor which measures in 6 axis of movement direct impact and sends real time analysis to the players’ coach to let them know how hard the player was hit and where.

We all dreamt as a kid when we got our first pair of roller skates that we could attach some fireworks to them or perhaps some sort of rocket, didn’t we? Well, check out these roller skates, that CEO of ActonR says can do upward of 12MPH. What an exciting prospect for kids (I say kids, I am definitely getting a pair).

Moff is very similar to the Myo we reported on earlier today in the way that it snaps to arm, but it’s very much a toy for us to perfect our ninja skills or even pretend like we are playing the drums, basically turning everything you hold into a toy. Moff recently got funded through Kickstarter reaching $78,000 of it’s $20,000 goal. Again, this is a brilliant addition to any family, and the video, shown on the Kickstarter page shows just what the Moff can do. Be sure to have a look as it looks like lots of fun can be had!

Image; Eventbrite



Craig Fox