Nvidia Shield Tablet announced – UK launch July 30th

Move over iPad here comes a new tablet to fight for the number one spot. The hotly anticipated ‘Nvidia Shield Tablet’ is a beast when it comes to gaming boasting the Tegra K1 processor, an 8 inch screen at 1080p, maximum of 128GB storage and its own gamepad (up to 4 of these can connect to the tablet at any time, and each has a headset input.)

To give you an idea of the capability of the K1 processor it can run Unreal Engine 4 games with no issues at all. The tablet runs on Android giving you the ability to play anything on Google’s Play Store. But the massive pull for PC gamers is being able to play their PC games straight through the tablet using Nvidia’s Gamestream tech, all you need is a PC with a GeoForce GTX graphics card.

You can pre-order the Nvidia tablet now here, with the 16GB Wi-Fi version costing £240 the 32GB Wi-Fi and 4G LTE model is £300. The wireless controller is £50. Its also has expandable memory through its MicroSD slot, pop over to YouTube to check out the tablet for yourself.

Image: Gizmodo

Craig Fox