Now you can 3D print with Nutella (and other pastes)

We hear a lot about the huge potential of 3D printers to make guns, planes, and even replacement human organs. But what about the really important things: cake toppers, ceramics, and fun designs in Nutella? Until now, those have all been pipe dreams, but a Kickstarter project brings a whole new (and non-gross) meaning to the term ‘playing with your food’.

It’s for the Discov3ry, a paste extruder. That is, an add-on for 3D printers that can be used to make items out of any paste, whether clay or icing sugar, or even silicone so you can make your own implants sturdy phone case. The inventors, scientist Charles Mire and engineers Andrew Finkle and John Mardlin have already raised Canadian $105,682 of their $30,000 goal with 8 days to go, so clearly there’s consumer excitement about the idea.

You’ll have to chip in at least £196 to get your hands on an early model but if you’ve been looking for a use for a 3D printer besides making misshapen keyrings or jumbo jets (depending on your skill set), this would really expand your options – and looks like good, clean messy fun.

It should work with any 3D printer model and will come with a three cartridge starter kit, but if you want to nab it for a Christmas gift (sorry, I like to plan ahead) take note: it won’t be shipping until January.

Diane Shipley

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