Nike Free Box: Nike squeezes running shoes into box 1/3 of the size

Earlier this year, Nike launched its latest running shoe, the very good-looking Nike Free 5.0, which is the brand’s most advanced and most flexible  shoe yet. Nike teamed up with Uruguay-based advertising agency Publicis Impetu to prove just how bendy these 5.0’s are and dreamed up a fun (and not to mention environmentally-friendly) campaign with a teeny tiny shoebox.

According to The Dieline, the miniature Nike Free Box is 1/3 the size of the brand’s regular boxes and is designed to surprise customers and prove just how flexible the new running shoes are, because they’re literally rolled up inside:

‘Using the unique attribute of the impressive flexibility of the new model of Nike Free: Nike Free 5.0, we decided to create a very special packaging: Nike Free Box. A shoebox third the size of the original shoe box. Through this idea, we use less cardboard, optimized storage spaces and demonstrate the impressive flexibility of the new model, before opening the shoebox.’

But not only is the promotion fun and a brilliant way to prove just how bendy the 5.0’s are, it’s also a great idea to save money on shipping costs, be a little bit kinder to the environment and ensure that carrying around our shopping is easier than ever. It’s a huge shame that the new, small boxes will only be around for a limited time only, but maybe when Nike sees just how effective they are, the shrunken boxes might be rolled out to even more shoes in future. Fingers crossed.


Becca Caddy