LikeManager helps you browse through your back catalogue of Facebook Likes – prepare for cringe

Thanks to Portuguese start-up ColorElephant, it’s now possible to scroll back through everything that ever compelled you to click the ‘Like’ button on Facebook. Oh dear…

Be it a page, a status or a story, the LikeManager app helps you ‘rediscover the things you like’. Or Like.

The app works by recording your Liking activity, and then sending this information over to a specified email address. It wants to help you rediscover things from your early social media days, but also to revisit recent links that you Liked and then forgot to return to.

I think it’s worth remembering that the natural chronology of life is already seriously messed up by the social network. Haunting visits from school prom photos you can’t be bothered to untag, ‘helpful’ friend suggestions (usually those who were subject to awkward deletion long ago) and profile pictures with an ex from two years ago all fly around. That’s without even mentioning the somewhat perturbing Timeline setup, which documents our online activity by year, complete with a ‘born on [insert birthdate]’ signpost. Shudder.

So it might be too unnerving for some to revisit memory lane on a regular basis – but LikeManager could prove to be very handy for those who scroll through their Newsfeeds at high speed without having time to pay proper attention. Its basic version is free; however this will only give you an allowance of 30 Likes a week. The premium version costs €1 and has more features with unlimited Like allowance.

I should mention that Facebook’s Activity Log feature does the same thing, free – although LikeManager is certainly much easier to work with. You can decide if it’s worth the extra cash!

Image via Sean MacEntee on Flickrcc

Sadie Hale