Like to bike? Map your route with this app

A new app aimed at providing accurate information on the best cycle routes around the world promises to be every pedal-pusher’s best friend.

The no-nonsense CycleMap app is the brainchild of Olivier Carbonneau, who together with David Boudreault decided to create a single, free smartphone app for cyclists after Carbonneau realised that the .pdf cycle maps available for his hometown of Quebec City weren’t up to scratch.

So, with the help of open source data, they set out on a journey to index the most popular, usable cycle routes across the entire globe, amounting to a staggering 1.346 million kilometres. Of course, they cycled the routes themselves while creating the app – a feat in itself!

Anyone can make use of CycleMap’s features to plan their journey, however the PRO version, which can be purchased in-app for £2.99, allows users to search the length and type of track surface (concrete, gravel, tarmac etc.) and path elevation. They can also find the nearest bike shop should they find themselves with a pesky puncture, and there’s a handy offline mode for when the internet isn’t available, allowing users to access recorded maps and travel itineraries. There’s also the option to check the availability of public bike-sharing in 176 cities worldwide.

CycleMap is available free in the Apple App Store, and has already been downloaded in over 75 countries. An Android version is on its way.




Image via Terminals & Gates at Flickrcc


Sadie Hale

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