Kasabian walked on the world’s first digital red carpet, created by Sony Xperia Access

Sony Xperia Access unveiled the world’s first digital red carpet on Wednesday night at the premiere of Kasabian’s Summer Solstice gig screening.

The digital red carpet featured hundreds of Xperia Z2 Tablets and was fully interactive, revolutionising the experience for celebrity guests, like Amber Le Bon and Ralf Little, and fans alike.

The film screening, held at Vue Leicester Square, as well as 10 other cinemas, offered music fans a window into the exclusive world of Kasabian and their historic homecoming gig in Leicester.  Featuring content captured by fans on Xperia Z2 smartphones, the film was a celebration of Kasabian’s latest album, 48:13, and their 10 year anniversary.

Did you go and see the film? Let us know how it was.

Hayley Minn