Jimmy Kimmel parades $20 Casio as the new ‘iTime’ smartwatch

Jimmy Kimmel has pulled an hilarious prank on the streets of Los Angeles this week, With the hotly anticipated iWatch set to be released very soon he bought a $20 Casio watch and stuck an Apple sticker on the back to get some reactions from the people of LA, and some of the reactions are just brilliant.

The watch is announced as the ‘iTime’ smartwatch to one guy, he says ‘It looks affordable, lightweight’, the interviewer reacts with ‘Do you like that it tells the date?, its priceless. The reactions of some people doesn’t surprise me either, its clear people buy Apple for merely the name, and one person comes right out and says so ‘I just like that it has an Apple insignia on the back’.

Have a look at the hilarious video for yourself. 

Image: AskMen

Source: BusinessInsider 

Craig Fox