imoji lets you turn yourself into an emoji!

Here at shinyshiny, we LOVE emojis, but we’re well aware of the fact that there still isn’t enough diversity among emoji characters, even after Unicode updated the little pictures last month.

However, that can now all change, as imoji makes it possible to create your own textable emoji stickers from photos on your phone!

The free app is pretty simple to use; You just create an account, upload a photo of yourself (or anything else), and then crop and trim your photo until you’re satisfied with it. You then save your imoji as public or private (when you save it publicly you can add tags so other users can search for it).

So, if you’re tired of trying to find exactly the right emoji to express your mood, from now on, just take a selfie and make that your emoji instead. Sorted!

You can download imoji from the App Store.

Hayley Minn