The iblazr is the world’s first external LED for smartphone cameras

We take photos of basically everything in the known universe with our smartphones, but the one persistent drawback with this is trying to get a good picture at night or in low light without a good flash on your smartphone.

Well, prepare for well-lit pictures at all time, as iblazr, a new LED flash for smartphones and tablets, is making bad lighting a thing of the past.

The iblazr, which is made up of four LEDs, just plugs into your phone or tablet’s audio jack, and runs on an independent battery, charged by way of USB port. The plus there is that it doesn’t drain your phone’s juice, and if you do choose to leave it on in light mode you can use it to brighten videos shot at night too

There’s a free companion app that works with Android and iOS devices to let you adjust the brightness of the light, which is another huge plus.

The iblazr flash for smartphones is available for purchase for both iDevices and Android for $49.99 from the iblazr website. The companion app is a free download.

Hayley Minn