HTC One mini 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini – about the quiz

A word or two about the quiz

Here we pitch the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini against the HTC One mini 2. The winner is totally down to you.

The two phones have a lot in common, both sport a 4.5inch screen and run the Kitkat 4..4 version of Android, but there are a few key differences

We think that the HTC One mini with its metallic finish is a tad more stylish than the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

The Samsung is a little lighter and more pocketable than the HTC

The HTC has a more sophisticated camera capable of taking higher resolution images

The HTC has a higher resolution front camera that’s ideal for snapping selfies

The Samsung is a lot more water and dust resistant than the HTC

The Samsung has a more sophisticated range of fitness and health facilities than the HTC

The HTC has great quality front speakers- better than the Samsung