Guys, please stop risking your life for a Tour de France selfie

If mainstream media is to be believed, selfies are single-handedly turning us all into narcissist zombies, melting away our brains and stirring up trouble in the Middle East. And what has the evil selfie done this week? Well, it looks like it could be putting the lives of some people in serious danger as they insist on pulling a duck face in the path of Tour de France cyclists.

That’s right, you’d think that not standing metres away from professional, high-speed cyclists as they hurtle in your direction would be pretty common sense. But, if it means a selfie that’s guaranteed to bag you likes up into the double figures, then many have weighed up the options and come to the conclusion that yep, it’s totally worth risking their lives for.

Team Sky rider Geraint Thomas told The Guardian that the selfies being taken close to and even on the course are ‘a dangerous mix of vanity and stupidity’. Amen. His advice? ‘There is not much racing on British roads and people don’t understand how fast we go and how much of the road we use. If they want selfies they should stand on a wall.’

Thomas isn’t the only one getting seriously pissed at the spectators, many cyclists have taken to Twitter to slam the mindless selfie-taking antics of the British public.

Image via Malias’ Flickr

Becca Caddy

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