The Gherkin’s in a pickle: five alternative uses for the iconic building

Here at the shinyshiny offices, we have a bit of a soft spot for the friendly-looking Gherkin (real name 30 St Mary Axe) just around the corner. So when news of its imminent sale broke this morning, we put our heads together and decided there are some much better uses for the pickle-shaped building…

1. Giant greenhouse

Like a sky-high answer to Kew Gardens, the Gherkin could host a display of weird and exotic plants. Perhaps they could even grow gherkins up there, and tourists could pay to pick their own piece of edible memorabilia.

gherkin greenhouse

Images via United Soybean Board at Flickrcc and Purple Cloud

2. World’s tallest waterslide

Standing at 180m (591 ft) tall, the Gherkin could definitely be in line for making this Barclays advert a reality. (Please, somebody do this.)

3. An edible treat 

If it were possible to slice up the Gherkin and put it in our salads, this is what it would look like. Imagine the size of the knife …

gherkin chop

Image via Medo at

4. Abseiling tower

‘Roll up, roll up. Gherkin Towers is open for business.’ With London being rather short on cliffs and mountains, it’s about time its plentiful skyscrapers started multitasking.


Image via Chris Hartford 

5. Solar-powerhouse

Just look at it shine – with several hundred glass windows, the Gherkin is bound to get mighty warm, giving it the potential to be a sun-loving powerhouse (right?). How much of London could benefit from this? Boris, are you listening?



Main image via Duncan Harris at Flickrcc

Sadie Hale