Former iPhone hacker hired by Google

Project Zero from Google is a super hacker group formed for your safety from online attacks the world through, and it now appears they are looking at the top of the spectrum and have hired George Hotz AKA Geohot.

If you don’t know Geohot then let me fill you in on everything he has done and why he is a perfect candidate for such a massive job. At the age of 17 he was the first in the world to carrier unlock the original iPhone (which was then only on AT&T), from then he developed a number of jailbreaks such as Purplera1n, Blackra1n and Limera1n. From that he became obsessed with Sony and began dabbling in some Playstation hacking and released a working jailbreak for the Playstation 3. This got George a lot of attention and, in fact, actually led to Sony suing him.

In an already illustrious career, George was then hired by Facebook. There were no reports of what he was actually doing, but we can hazard a guess at it being security based in some way. In more recent news, he has rooted the Samsung Galaxy S5 and appears to be heavily involved in that currently.

So, he certainly has the credentials to hack pretty much any electrical device on the planet, and being able to see every intricate bit of code and holes in software and hardware make him an ideal employee for Google’s Project Zero.

Image; iDownloadblog

Craig Fox