Facebook is letting you gatecrash parties you’re not invited to

Facebook clearly doesn’t think it’s doing all it can to control your life already, as it seems that the social network is rolling out a new ‘Events For You’ tab, with parties you’re not even invited to appearing down the side of your news feed.

Rather than just being a calendar of your invites and a few suggestions based on what friends are doing, Facebook is now applying everything it knows about you (so that’s your entire life story then) to get you out of the house to a party where you can take photos and post them to Facebook.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is testing the new feature out on some users globally before a mid-paced rollout to everyone in the coming weeks, and a similar design for Events will be coming to Android and iOS later this year too.

It feels like every time Facebook launches a new feature, it shows us how much the website actually knows about us, and it’s pretty scary, to be fair. However, we do quite like the fact that ‘Events For You’ will give us ideas for things to do on a Friday night, instead of staying in and watching Netflix, although we’re not entirely sold on a House of Lords Drinking Party.

Hayley Minn