Brick-A-Pic lets you build your favourite pics out of Lego

Lego has been around for decades now and it’s still one of the biggest sellers in toy history and with it brings a lot of exciting projects such as James May’s Lego house and this car made from Lego.

Brick-A-Pic may not be as big as those projects but none the less its exciting, it brings art and lego and amalgamates them into one to become a superb lego portrait (or landscape) pic for you to hang on your wall or give as a gift to someone.

The project is after $50,000 and has so far reached $5,000 with 20 days to go, they need this money in order to build the software that will enable us to build the picture we want out of Lego, it’s a very complex thing to build a Lego picture, it takes hours of time to work out the right colour, to know where is best to situate them etc , etc. Thats why they have decided to make it all easier at a few clicks of a mouse and possibly an app.

Currently they have the software in place to convert the images into Lego, they also have an algorithm that ‘optimally places the bricks and produces a part list with detailed assembly instructions’. To save on us having to order the bricks separately they will have stock of all the colours so that we are given the exact colours we  need to complete the mosaic.

In this short video you can see numerous images getting made into Lego mosaics, you can see how intricate it is, and this sort of software will make it all so much simpler.

In order to get this up and running they of course need people to pledge, here are some of the allotted pledges:

  • $60 SMALL KIT EARLY BACKER: For the first 25 backers, we will convert your image to LEGO® and send you all the bricks, plans and instructions for making a 16×16 Small Kit. And you’ll get your kits first before everyone else.
  • $600 CUSTOM: You pick any custom size (square or rectangle) up to 5,000 square pixels and we will make a kit and optionally build it for you before shipment.

This is a great project and I for one will be pledging a small amount, if you want to see the Mona Lisa built out of Lego and hanging on your wall I highly advise grabbing a pledge soon.

Image: Lego


Craig Fox