Are we all becoming social media engagement show-offs, like Cheryl?

Cheryl Cole enjoys stirring up the celeb press and working her massive fan-base into a totally frenzy with unexpected Instagram photos, announcements and airy-fairy Pinterest-style quotes.

Remember the infamous ‘OMG WTF?!’ shot of her rose tattoo? (Which seems to have been removed from her Instagram account and that of her tattoo artist?!)? The weird cryptic messages? The new hairstyle announcements? And the more recent sensational fact she’s scrubbed the ‘cole’ from all of her social accounts? Her Instagram is like digital crack for gossip-loving fans and celebrity journos.

Well, she really outdid herself earlier this week by Instagramming a shot of her wedding ring. Despite the fact no one (and when we say no one we mean the prying public and sleazy tabloids) knew she was even engaged!?

Now many are questioning whether her decision to tie the knot with Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini after just three months together is too premature? How she’ll cope in her second marriage? Whether she’ll be haunted by the demons of Ashley Cole and his scumbag ways? But what we want to know is how we all reacted to Cheryl’s decision to take to Instagram to show off her bling? Is this a ‘thing’ now? To not tell anyone you’re married but surprise them with a photo about as subtle as a breezeblock to the face instead?

Well, just as Cheryl’s news was making waves across the tabloids, Samsung revealed new stats about the way we share online. Particularly about the way we share news about getting engaged. According to the research, one in five Brits now announce their engagement through social media, with a quarter choosing to use gratuitous engagement ring photos to illustrate just how loved up they are. 18% choose to text their friends and family instead of revealing the news online first, but a traditional 40% of Brits still share news of their marriage face to face.

Is there engagement and marriage etiquette when it comes to sharing news online or should we all be like Cheryl and shock, surprise and generally not give a f*ck about convention?

Images via misscheryl on Instagram.

Becca Caddy