Artifact Uprising has created the most beautiful Instagram photo books we’ve ever seen

Ever since Instagram first took over our lives with its retro filters and twee little frames companies have been dreaming up ways to turn our snaps into magnets, cushions and even marshmallows! However, the only Instagram-themed merchandise we’d ever REALLY need would be traditional photo albums, for gifts or just coffee table decorations.

There are many on offer, but we’ve fallen in love with the books created by Artifact Uprising. This US-based photo company allows you to create all kinds of great-looking photography products (not just taken from Instagram), but we imagine these smaller, soft-cover books will be ideal for mobile photography fans.

Artifact Uprising is US-based, so unfortunately you’ll have to pay a little extra for international shipping. But it’s worth it if your finished photo book makes your life look as dreamy and beautiful as the examples above, right?

Becca Caddy

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