Apple iPhone 5S vs. HTC One mini 2 quiz description

A word or two about the quiz.

Here we pitch the HTC One mini 2 against the Apple iPhone 5S. The winner is totally down to you.

You get a bigger screen with the HTC which is 4.5inches compared to the iPhone’s four

Android phones like the HTC allow a greater deal of personalisation, but there’s no denying that the iPhone is a breeze to use.

The HTC has a very impressive pair (for a phone) of front facing stereo speakers

The iPhone screen is impressive but the HTC has 26% higher resolution

If you own lots of other Apple products then the way the iPhone seamlessly fits into that universe is a big plus

The HTC has a very good quality front camera which takes 5MP pics, much better than the iPhone.

The iPhone is smaller, thinner and lighter

The iPhone can be bought with 64Gig of storage – with the HTC you only get 16 Gig

The iPhone famously includes a fingerprint detector, which makes it very secure

Both phones are premium models, but you will pay more for the iPhone