Would getting free drinks through Drinki app be fun or dangerous?

With London drink prices (and everything else prices) so high, it sounds extremely tempting when you find out about an app that offers free cocktails in bars throughout London, but could it end up being a bit TOO tempting?

Drinki is a brand new app, specifically for women, that shows the closest bars where you can get served a free cocktail. The catch? The bar will automatically check you in on Facebook, but nothing more will be posted to your timeline.

If you’re thinking there’s more to this than meets the eye, then we can assure you that Drinki states that the bars on its system are prohibited from charging an entrance fee or any other covert form of charge to make up for the free cocktail. The app has provided all members with a ‘bar problems’ area on the app which empowers them to raise complaints against again bar which acts inappropriately.

While we’re not one to complain about free drinks, this app does seem like it could be a dangerous route to us getting a bit too drunk, and we’re also pretty sure there’s going to be some backlash from guys about why they can’t get in on the freebie action. However, we’re willing to give Drinki a try, because, really, who doesn’t like free drinks, or free anything for that matter?

You can download Drinki for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Hayley Minn