WonderLuk can print out whatever jewellery you want

We’ve seen 3D printed teddy bears and 3D printed drawings, but now it’s possible to get 3D printed jewellery, designed however you like, thanks to Wonderluk, the first premium brand to sell made-to-order 3D-printed jewellery and accessories.

The launch collection is an intriguing mix of accessories including bracelets, brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings and even iPhone cases. The range has been exclusively designed for WonderLuk together with a team of talented product designers and architects from the UK, Italy and Japan.

All designs celebrate the unique possibilities of 3D printing bringing to life intricate shapes and unusual geometries, and all products are manufactured on professional 3D printing machines, making fashion less wasteful and more responsible, with customers receiving their designs within two weeks of ordering them.

Co-founder & CEO, Roberta Lucca said: “We’re entering an era in which customisation, co-creation and sustainability are becoming extremely valuable to modern fashion consumers. The established brands haven’t caught up with these demands yet and we
believe we can really disrupt the fashion value chain by taking a fresh view at how things are done. Our vision is, quite simply, to make fashion personal again.

“I want to give our customers striking fashion pieces that only exist because they want them to exist. We love empowering women to stand out, and celebrate their individuality. Hence our company mantra: Don’t blend in. Ever.”

Initially all WonderLuk products are made from sintered nylon and come in a range of different finishes. The WonderLuk team have curated their favourite colours for each product but customers are invited to use the Customisation Studio, allowing them to choose from a wide range of vibrant colours.

Hayley Minn