With Singtrix, you can ACTUALLY sound good when you sing!

Love karaoke even though you sound awful? Well, now you can love it and sound amazing, as Singtrix goes on sale in the UK today.

Created by the same minds that made Guitar Hero, Singtrix lets you plug in music from any source, and makes you sound like whichever pop star you want to – including Barry White. It can also give you automatic backing singers or a choir to harmonise with you, if you so wish, as well as auto-tune your voice to make you sound incredible.

Compatible with any device featuring a 3.5mm audio connecter, Singtrix lets you plug in your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player or computer and choose songs from your own music library, karaoke apps or stream karaoke videos from sites like YouTube™. In addition, the Singtrix karaoke app powered by Karaoke anywhere for Apple® iOS, Android™ or Kindle Fire™ tablets includes a library of more than 13,000 songs with lyrics.

While the product isn’t cheap, selling at £299, we tried it out last night (check out our Instagram for pictures), and can definitely say it’s A LOT of fun, and would be amazing to have at a party, or if you want to practice singing in the comfort of your home. The machine has over 300 retro and modern vocal effects, covering every generation and genre of music, but Stand By Me was our personal favourite.

The Singtrix bundle includes the Singtrix ‘Studio’ vocal effects unit, custom microphone, professional mic stand and 40-watt, 2.1 Stereo Speaker System, and is available to purchase from the Singtrix website for £299.

Hayley Minn