Will Adidas beat Nike in the wearables game with its new miCoach Fit Smart Band?

Over the past few days there have been a whole host of leaks, providing anxious wearable-lovers with photos and specs about Adidas’ latest foray into the activity tracking market: the miCoach Fit Smart band (or at least that’s what the rumours suggest it’s called).

It looks like the huge sporting brand has taken advantage of Nike’s decision to focus on software and leave the hardware game for the time being, because the Fit Smart band is fairly similar to the Fuel Band when it comes to both design and (from what we can tell) functionality.

The leaked photos suggest the gadget has got a familiar LED dot display (just like the Smart Band, but different to Adidas’ other device, the Smart Run), yet looks more more watch-like than many other fitness bands on the market.

Those who were paying attention to the whole host of announcements made by Google at the I/O developer conference last night will remember that Adidas was named as one of the key partners getting involved earlier in Google Fit – a centralised place for health and fitness info. This suggests that the new wearable will feed data right back into Google’s new open platform.

However, all of this is speculation until an official announcement is made, but with Nike openly scaling back its wearable efforts, it might just be the perfect time for Adidas to stake its claim in the wearable fitness space.



Becca Caddy

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