WedMD app launches Healthy Target to track your data and wearable activity

Just weeks after the announcement of Apple’s all-singing, all-dancing health and fitness tracking platform, HealthKit, popular diagnosis app WebMD has launched Healthy Target, a new programme that works with all kinds of third party apps and wearable devices to pull your data together into one central hub.

Launched this week, Healthy Target will work with basic activity trackers (like the Jawbone Up and Fitbit Flex), as well as wireless scales, blood monitors and a bunch of other wearables to paint a comprehensive picture of your health, fitness and overall wellbeing, whether you’re looking to get into better shape or dealing with a chronic condition.

But the standout feature of Healthy Target is that it isn’t just focused on collecting data together, after all we’re a bit sick of hearing we’re not cramming enough steps into our day or getting enough zzz’s on a night, but it also serves up personalised information and recommendations based on your lifestyle – along with a bit of much-needed motivation!

You can download WebMD for iPhone, iPad and Android devices here.

Becca Caddy