Pinterest is now FINALLY available for Windows Phone

Poor Windows Phone users. For years they’ve been itching to share photos of their quirky weddings and instructions for hand-sewn bunting or seven-layered rainbow cakes they’re definitely probably possibly going to make. But they’ve been forced to do it all from their computers or not at all, while iPhone and Android users were happily pinning on the run. But finally Pinterest equality is here. Kind of.

Windows has just launched a Pinterest app, but it’s still in beta, so doesn’t yet have full functionality. Users can still follow friends and pin photos, but won’t see a notifications menu or guided search like on Android and iOS. Earlier this week, Pinterest extended guided search from their other apps to the web, so desktop still might be the best option for Windows users for now.

Microsoft say they worked with Pinterest to develop the app and that they’ll roll out more features in future and make changes based on user feedback.

Diane Shipley