Need £100? Hidden Cash is coming to London this weekend!

We could all do with an extra £100 under our belts, couldn’t we? So, we’re excited for online treasure hunt Hidden Cash to come to London this weekend.

If you haven’t heard of Hidden Cash before, it uses Twitter to post clues as to the whereabouts of a number of envelopes containing £100, and has already attracted more than 600,000 followers. When people find a package they are encouraged to tweet a photograph of themselves with the money to @HiddenCash so others know how much is left.

The Hidden Cash account tweeted: “London here we come. Might add more cities too.”

Jason Buzi, a real-estate investor from the Bay Area of San Francisco who made his fortune buying properties and then selling them for a profit, was revealed by the US media to be the brains behind Hidden Cash.

According to the Telegraph, Jason and his team will hide 20 envelopes around a yet-to-be decided “large park” in central London on Saturday and that he was expecting “quite a crowd” due to the popularity of Twitter. We’re thinking Hyde Park, or the Olympic Park, or maybe Regents Park. WHO KNOWS? We’ll just have to keep refreshing the Hidden Cash Twitter feed to find out.

Hayley Minn