June is the UV-monitoring bracelet that wants to keep you safe in the sun

When the weather finally heats up in the UK, it’s such a surprise that most of us can barely remember to slap on last year’s sunblock before running out to soak up a few rays. But if we’re not careful, we end up spending the next day woefully rubbing aloe into our shoulders. Sure, technically we know that SPF 30 means you can stay out 30 times longer without burning, but who remembers how long that is after months of sleet and rain? And who’s capable of doing maths after a pitcher of Pimms?

A new bracelet that launched in the UK this weekend could help you keep track. June has a jewel-style sensor that monitors UV intensity and sun exposure throughout the day, meaning you can enjoy your swim/barbeque/picnic without fear of flaky skin (and excess wrinkles in 40 years). The companion iOS app calculates the maximum recommended daily exposure depending on your skin type, and will notify you when you need to take cover. It costs £89.99 comes in gold, platinum and gunmetal and can also be worn as a brooch.

Pre-order it online now or find it at Apple stores later this month.

Diane Shipley