Health and fitness apps are growing faster than all the others, according to new stats

As apps get smarter, quicker and more useful, it’s no surprise the market is booming. However, brand new stats from Flurry Analytics prove that although the overall market is growing, the health & fitness app category is accelerating faster than any. A whole 87% faster, to be exact.

According to detailed analysis from the team at Flurry, over the past six months there’s been a 62% increase in usage of health and fitness apps on the iPhone and the iPad. This compares to a 33% increase in usage of apps generally, so it’s clear apps dedicated to helping us monitor our activity levels, keeping tabs on our calories and storing our workouts are quickly being integrated into our day-to-day lives.

Interestingly the research team dug even deeper and found that one of the main reasons for such an increase is the rise of a new audience they’ve dubbed the “fitness fanatics”. Although it’s a relatively broad group of people, it mainly comprises of females between the ages of 25 and 54 who are fans of sports and healthy living. 

This means there’s a huge opportunity for brands creating new wearables to tap into this, health-conscious, tech-savvy – and not to mention super fit -audience. The question is whether devices will manage to prise people away from their beloved apps, whether wearables will win or whether they’ll both live happily ever after? Even though Apple’s highly-anticipated iWatch is still nowhere to be seen, the tech giant’s latest ad shouts about the great selection of third-party fitness apps available on the iPhone, which certainly suggests there’s still plenty of room for everyone.

Image via Apple.

Becca Caddy