Glance is a smart accessory for your own watch or jewellery

So many big tech brands and smaller start-ups are busy dreaming up smartwatch-style devices that’ll alert us about everything that’s going on on our mobiles from our wrists. But Kiwi Wearables is turning that process on its head, by creating an accessory that’ll provide us with the same experience, but will slot under our own devices and jewellery.

Called Glance, it’s being dubbed a “smart accessory” because it allows you to see incoming calls, read texts, send messages, find your phone and control your connected devices, but it isn’t a standalone gadget in itself – you wear it underneath your own bracelets, watches or any other kinds of wristbands.

If you’re anything like me you’ll be wondering whether slipping another piece of metal under an already slightly uncomfortable watch would be just plain irritating, but according to the team’s Kickstarter page it really is unnoticeable and the Glance’s thin, light aluminium body is crafted especially for you wrist.

We’re not convinced Glance will be the next big thing in wearable tech, but we do love the fact it brings smartwatch-style functionality to accessories you already have and wear. After all, many of the smartwatches already on the market don’t look great or feel particularly comfortable and they’re being upgraded all the time, which means most of them really aren’t worth the investment just yet.

The Kiwi Wearables team is seeking funding for Glance on Kickstarter and for $70 you can get your hands on an early model.

Becca Caddy