Edyn is all about the connected garden, not the home

As more and more people connect their homes up to the internet of things, it’s no surprise that our gardening activities are set to get even smarter too.

The Edyn smart garden system has just been launched as a Kickstarter project and its sensor, app and valve work together to monitor everything about your soil and the environment around it, from ambient temperature to humidity and light intensity to soil electrical conductivity – metrics that may sound confusing to those not into gardening themselves, but all are key indicators for cultivating healthy plantlife.

The system works by passing electrical signals (that are all harmless) through soil, measuring how the signal becomes altered by all kinds of factors, like water and additives. All of the data is then cross-referenced with information in Edyn’s database and readings collected by other users before it’s fed back to you via its app. The very cool thing is, if Edyn senses a problem and can make changes to the environment itself, it will, by controlling its water valve and giving your plants a little more water as and when.

Earlier versions of the Edyn looked like a bit of an eyesore, which is really annoying if you’re putting effort into cultivating a beautiful garden. This latest device is much more stylish, as the team partnered with the award-winning firm fuseproject (designers of the Jambox).

Now admittedly the device is only really worth getting excited about if gardening is your passion, but regardless of whether you’re a horticulture nut or manage to kill basic herbs within hours, it’s great to see the connected home trend is spreading outside of our walls too.

For $159 you can get your hands on the whole system and hopefully help the Edyn team hit their funding goal of $100,000.

Becca Caddy