Caribu allows families to read together, no matter how far apart they are.

We all know that it can be really hard to be away from your loved ones, especially when they’re very young, so apps that bring family and friends closer together are always really lovely.

New app Caribu does this by allowing children and their families to read a bedtime story together, wherever they are. Users will be able to read picture books at the same time as seeing and hearing each other through a video call – all on their iPad.

The app comes loaded with one free book, so once you have added your contacts, you’re ready to go.

Co-founder and MD, Ben Mallett said: “We wanted to create an app thats helps families defy long distances. So many families are separated these days. With divorce, travel, and even longer working hours, families are spending less time together.

This app is about bringing families together through technology, and allowing them to share important moments in their days, like bedtime stories – wherever they are in the world.”

Backed by Microsoft, the Caribu Bookshop contains the likes of People’s Book Prize Winner The Fearsome Beastie and CITV’s Grandma Bendy

Caribu is now available for free on the iPad. Books can be bought as in-app purchases for around £1.99.

Hayley Minn