Apple OS X Yosemite will drastically change the look of your MacBook

On Monday at Apple’s WWDC developers conference, Craig Federighi showed off OS X Yosemite, its new operating system with a flat, clean design for your MacBook.

Here are some of the top features of Yosemite that’ll drastically change the look of your MacBook, as well as the way you use it:

1. Translucent windows, so you can still kinda see your desktop underneath, as well as a “dark mode” to make these translucent windows darker so you’re note distracted by anything other than the window you’re in.

2. A Notifications Centre overhaul that lets you add in apps, like Calendar, for super easy access and gives you a “today” view at-a-glance.

3. Spotlight search moves from the top right to the centre of your screen, meaning it’s easier than ever to search for what you want.

4. Icons look really different, they’ve been “cleaned”, which essentially means they’re flatter and look like they do on your iPhone or your iPad.

5. iCloud Drive gives you access to all of the documents you have in iCloud but in the form of folders from Finder, think Dropbox. It also syncs everything across your Apple – and even Windows – devices.

6. A new feature called Markup lets you doodle all over your emails and add digital signatures.

This post is still being updated.

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Becca Caddy