Apple will let you use your Mac to accept iPhone calls

apple-continuity.jpgAt Apple’s WWDC 2014 developers’ conference on Monday, the team unveiled a whole host of new features for OS X Yosemite, its new operating system for your MacBook.

But what’s the feature we’re most excited about? Continuity.

Continuity will allow your iPhone, iPad and your Mac to work together and talk to each other seamlessly, letting you move between devices to share photos and files with an updated Airdrop and pick up where you left off in apps and Safari with the Handoff feature.

However, the big wow moment at the conference keynote came when Apple’s senior vice president Craig Federighi, showed that you can now use your Mac to take calls from your iPhone, routing the audio through other Apple devices regardless of whether your mobile is right next to you or charging on the other side of your house.

Federighi also explained that the iMessage experience is so seamless between devices, but regular texts from other phones fragment everything. The answer? Well regardless of which device your friends and family are using, your iPhone will now relay any kind of message to your iPad and Mac too, meaning everything is in one place even if your mate is using an Android phone.

Becca Caddy