10 best tweets about the Oxford Circus octopus

As you may have heard, a giant octopus stranded right in the centre of Oxford Circus in central London caused havoc for commuters this morning.

It has now been revealed that it was part of a PR stunt for Betfair, presumably a tribute to Paul the “oracle octopus” who made headlines during the 2010 World Cup for having an 85% rate when it came to accurately predicting the scores of the football games, but that still doesn’t take away from the hundreds of Londonders taking snaps on Twitter as they walked past the surreal sighting on their way to work.

So, with Twitter being unsurprisingly packed full of octopus snaps and sea jokes, we’ve collected our favourite tweets together for your entertainment.

Some referred back to previous London PR stunts and events.

Others were thinking about ways they could use it to their advantage.

There were the realistic people looking at the bigger picture…

Then there were some who may need a bit of a calm-down.

But it’s alright, because the pessimists (and most likely, non-Londoners) were there for that very reason


And this guy…

Hayley Minn