You can get 'adorkable' or 'duckface' into the Collins Dictionary!

From selfie to tweep, we’ve seen tons of words, popularised through social media, make their way into the dictionary, over the past few years, but now Twitter users are getting the chance to decide which modern words are the next to be included.

Collins English Dictionary has scoured the social media site to find emerging words, and is asking users which ones should be added to the October 2014 edition of the word bible.

Lexicographers at Collins spent months searching through Twitter to uncover the most popular terms being used, and have drawn up a shortlist, which includes words like ‘adorkable’, ‘duckface’ and ‘nomakeupselfie’.

Associate Publishing Director at Collins, Andrew Freedman told the MailOnline: “Twitter offers us an immediate snapshot of how much a word is used.

“The tried and tested approach to compiling dictionaries has to adapt to embrace the ways in which language is developing through use on social media, and this is a fun way to get Twitter users involved in defining the English language.”

According to the website, ‘adorkable’, which means dorky in an adorable way, is currently in the lead, but there is still time to change this if you don’t agree. If you want to be a part of this initiative, then you need to tweet your entry with a hashtag of your favourite word by 28th May.

Hayley Minn